Music Lessons

Contact me by phone at (847) 322-6768

email me: JohnTemmerman

I help my students play better and enjoy music more in a warm, supportive environment.
Lessons are available on all frequently played sizes of:
saxophone: soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax
clarinet: soprano clarinet, bass clarinet, alto clarinet and Eb clarinet.


I'm currently doing virtual lessons using Skype, Face Time, Google Meet and Zoom

styles: classical, jazz, rock, popular

In a warm supportive environment, I help my students by
- assessing their grasp of fundamentals on their instruments and chosen styles
- developing a plan to rapidly improve their performance on their chosen instruments and styles, including identifying books and sheet music for study and performance
- providing honest feedback on their performances in their lesson.
- encouraging and developing the fundamentals and courage that leads to superior classical performance and superb jazz improvisation

Long term lessons are the most productive, But I also provide
- individual assessment and development plans
- coaching for particular solo and ensemble performances (including providing appropriate material and helping register the student)
- ensemble coaching
- clinics/concerts throughout the Chicago area

I am a recommended instructor for Evanston Band and Orchestra in Skokie, McCracken, East Prairie and Fairview Schools in Skokie. 

I go the extra mile for my students by:
- maintaining a library of solo, study and performance material which I provide at no cost
- providing mouthpiece patches and reed cases, again at no cost
- attending student performances whenever I can

Current rates as of May 1, 2021 for lessons in my home studio in Skokie:

$30 for 30 minutes
$45 for 45 minutes
$60 for 60 minutes

A discount of $1 per lesson is applied if lessons are paid for by the month in advance. 

special packages:

Two Lesson Assessment $60 - In two half hour lessons, I assess a student's strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement and assign material and a plan to help the students get there.

Five Lesson Solo and Ensemble Package (includes assessment) $150 In 5 half hour lessons, finishing before the performance, I perform the same assessment,  identify appropriate solo material out of my library of clarinet and saxophone solo pieces and coach the player to perform his/her best.

studio address:

John Temmerman
9030 Kolmar Ave.
Skokie, IL 60076

    Contact me by phone at (847) 322-6768

    email me:

    How can The Three Stooges help train your ears? 

    Well, you know what you parents would say: “Don't be like them”. And, they're probably right. But their theme song “Three Blind Mice” can be very helpful for developing students to train their ears. Why, because “three Blind Mice” is made up ENTIRELY of a 1 octave major scale plus the higher octave of the root. 

    By the time a student is in middle school, on either sax or clarinet, they shold be able to play scales throughout their available range. Once that happens, I cycle them over time into all 12 keys…

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