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This band is incredibly tight, grooving and soaring, effortlessly unified, from jazz to funk to blues to bop and back.  The band brings a unique power to the stage, an expression  of the musicians' unadorned, unfettered love for jazz. The audiences always go home happy!

Concert review by Jim Hawes

A concert by John Temmerman Quartet transports you to a special place. Here is a group that sizzles while it sails. A group that sparkles. A group that celebrates all that life has to offer. And nearly all of life is here, expression by expression, note by note, and beat by beat.

A zesty zamboni with a heartbeat, the John Temmerman Quartet clears the glacial slate. Then a figure in melody skates across the perfect ice of articulation: With a foundation of bass. A texture of drums. A landscape of guitar. And a lyrical flight of saxophone.

Here are the comfy old standards that thrum, reverberate, and bubble. Here are the pixilated new takes on soulful classics: They storm and crackle and pirouette: Bar over bar. Clef over clef. And phrase over phrase. Here are crisp, fresh stanzas direct from the muse: Arpeggio hymns that course and tingle down your back. They squeal and cry. They recapitulate the leaves of zest. They manifest the dream of champions.

Here are the original lullabies: Those that brush and comb your soul. Those that ramble and rumble. Those that plink and slur and purr: Like impossible, articulated structures of weeping glass.

Here are the tuneful tires that squeal. A buzz saw that rasps. And a dragonfly, tracing enigmatic gestures across the crimson clouds. As thunderous cries sling and slice through the bubbly fog, but resonate in grace.

Here are the songs that strum and hum and hammer and rap. Here are staccato slashes that slide across your forehead and massage your ears: Each plunk in its place, tone by tone, tempo by tempo, harmonic by harmonic. Each zing in its instrumentality. Glistening and steaming off the hot summer bandstand. Each rattle in its resonant timbre. Glancing off buildings. Bounding across the street. As randy bass lines step and walk and strut inside your shoes: All the while titillating your toenails.

Let this be your invitation: Die-cut, embossed, and engraved in 16 custom colors. May you and your dearest friend come to a concert by John Temmerman Quartet. Share an aural gem whose countless facets will dazzle, charm and engage every particle of your being.